CUBIK Marketing was born with the idea to help businesses reach their full potential. Often business owners and managers are too busy working within the business rather than working on the business. That’s where we step in, our marketing consultants can help you bring your marketing plans to life.

Marketing for a lot of us is something that we all wish we had more time to focus on. We all want to put more time and effort in but get stuck working the day to day of operating a business. This is where we come in and take the time to work with you and execute your ideas.

Kane Baker CUBIK Marketing

Meet Kane

Founder & General Manager

Kane Baker graduated from the University of Wollongong in 2016 with his Bachelor of Commerce. In his first year of university he fell in love with marketing and public relations.

Kane has worked in a number of different industries including: law, health, hospitality and business. Whilst gaining experience across a range of industries, it became clear that one thing stays a constant when it comes to marketing, the principles remain the same.

Kane has experience in:

  • Website Development
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Social Media Management
  • Public Relations
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Creation

Kane believes in building strong, long lasting relationships with his customers. At the end of the day, if our customers succeed, we succeed.


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